Move Anytime Portable Storage


WHAT IS A Move Anytime Portable Storage?

Easy to assemble

Move Anytime Portable Storage units can be delivered Move Anytime Portable Storage to the site and assembled within minutes.Quick tool-free assembly and dismantling make Move Anytime Portable Storage the perfect solution for tight locations.They are completely weatherproof, theft-proof and secure using state-of-the-art European design.

Versatile Solution

Move Anytime Portable Storage are a versatile solution for Building Sites, Storage, Warehousing, Farming and much more. The containers offer flexible solutions to meet your changing requirements.They can be joined, stacked and dismantled as needed and can be used both indoor and outdoor.


Unlike shipping containers, Move Anytime Portable Storage can be delivered to the back of a site, a high-rise building, or an underground car park and can be dismantled and moved as needed. Move Anytime Portable Storage come in a variety of different sizes.

Sizes include:

7′ x 7′ or 7′ x 10′ or 7′ x 13′ or 7′ x 16′ or 7′ x 20′


Up to 3 Move Anytime Portable Storage, containers can be connected using Connection Kits. The same or different size units can be connected end-to-end (up to 3 containers) or the same size units can be connected side-by-side (up to 3 containers). And with easy dismantling, they can be relocated at any time.   Assembled units can be stacked three units high outdoors and four units high indoors (the load inside the units must be evenly distributed). ​ With a wide range of different options, Storage has never been so easy. If you want to know more, click the link below and book a meeting with our team.
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